How to Keeping Kids busy during Quarantine

How to Keeping Kids busy during Quarantine

During Quarantine it is difficult to go outside for enjoyment as it has become a big problem for parents to keep their children busy, at the same time entertained during lock-down. To overcome this issue, here are some tips for keeping your children entertained during Quarantine:

Play Indoor games

Play indoor games with kids during quarantine to keep them busy

Children like playing but, as they cannot go outside, you should arrange some indoor games for them to play to fulfil their willingness. The list of indoor games that you can provide them, but not limited to are:

  1. Ludo
  2. Carom
  3. Tic-tac-toe
  4. Hide n seek
  5. Puzzles
  6. Card games
  7. Domino

Study with them

Educate your kids and study with them during Qurantine.

Quarantine doesn’t mean enjoying while staying at home. As we know that nowadays children are not going to school and they are not studying on a daily basis, to educate them it is important for them to study at home.

You can work on different skills such as reading and writing skills. Make them write at least one page daily. As reading strengthens the brain and builds vocabulary, let them read few pages in front of you. You can also teach them mathematics problems and let them learn poems.

Domestic work

Domestic work with kids. Help your kids and let them help you.

You may also involve them in domestic work like cleaning, dusting, sweeping, and mopping. When they are going to complete domestic work with you, they will learn household work in this process and may feel a sense of achievement.


Exercise is essential for you as well as your kids. In the morning when you are doing exercise involve them with you. This approach will also help them to learn different ways of exercising which may lead to more stamina and fitness. Yoga is the best option when it comes to family exercises.


Keep your kids busy by doing the painting with them

Arrange them watercolor and painting boards or newspapers/plastic sheets and let them learn painting. It might be messy but children take great interest in painting. Encourage them whatever they paint. This will help them build confidence, self-esteem, and will motivate them to learn painting.


Spend your time cooking with kids during Qurantine

When you are cooking meals involve them with you by telling them to wash vegetables, washbowls. You may also cut in front of them, tell them what spice to add when you cook something. If they are elder ones then let them cut vegetables too.

Indoor gardening

Improve your children gardening skills during quarantine

Arrange small pot and plants for them to enhance their gardening skills. They might end up grew something useful for you.

Talk to them

Most importantly talk to them every day about everything. Take their advice on a daily basis like what to eat for dinner, where should we go, what toys they want to buy. This will help in building confidence in them.

Bedtime story time

Read moral bedtime stories for kids to improve their and morality

Read them moral stories daily before sleeping. Stories with moral strength and encourages the kids to come to the realization that they have the power to imagine anything.

 Make a routine for everything and encourage children for whatever they are doing. Guide them and let them learn new things by keeping them busy.

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