Tips for keeping your relationship healthy and strong

Tips for keeping your relationship healthy and strong

Nowadays it is difficult to find a loyal relationship and even after finding it, it is even harder to keep it healthy. A healthy relationship needs time, commitment, loyalty, love, romance. All relationships go through ups and downs, therefore it is important to deal with each other when the situation is unhealthy. Whether you are starting a relationship or you are committed for years, the most important thing is how you both are attached to each other. Here are some tips for making a relationship strong.

Tips for making a relationship strong.

Giving time

When you are in a relationship, you have to take out time for each other. Giving time is the most important thing for every relation to be healthy. Usually, when a relationship is at a starting point both persons give time to each other but after some time, both or either one of them stops giving time because of which many fights get started.

Meet each other

You should have face time and spend quality time together. Praise each other, play games ,talk to each other. Do whatever u both like to do. Discuss everything, take advice from one another.


Communication is the key  to keep your relationship healthy. 
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You can’t be together any time but you should be in contact. In the morning ,when u wake up simple messages like good morning, miss you , love you keep relationship alive.

Be a good listener

Always be a good listener
If your partner is sharing something with you, listen and respond if necessary

If your partner is talking to you about his problems or anything else be a good listener listen to him/her carefully. You would not be able to solve his/her problems but if u will listen it would give them a good feeling. There is a difference between listening and hearing. Listening will build a deeper and stronger connection between you both.

Emotional attachment

You both can make each other feel loved. To love and being loved are the two seperate things . Talk about your problems with one another in a free environment.

Physical attachment

Couple in bed. Physical Attachment is very important to keep your relationship strong and healthy.

Physical Intimacy is not only about having sex. Hugging, kissing, touching, holding-hands are equally important. Of course, it’s important to know your partner likes or dislikes. Unwanted touching can irritate your partner.  

Give and take

Understand what your partner wants. If you want to get 100% of your relationship of what you want then it is impossible. Compromises are needed to build a healthy relationship. Don’t expect too much from your partner

Ups and downs

No matter what happen, support each other.

Be ready for ups and downs. Don’t forget to respect and support each other in any state of your life. When there are good days there are bad days too. Don’t take out your problems with your partner. Just share it with them. The stress of life can make us short-tempered.

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